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Panel Bag

Cree or Cree-Metis, Northern Ontario or Manitoba, ca. 1850-70

Shoulder Bag

Delaware or Shawnee, Southeastern United States, ca. 1830-40


Likely Ottawa or Ojibwa, Upper Great Lakes, late 18th century

Woman's Cape

Ojibwa Minnesota, ca. 1840-50

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Panel Bag CW4314-67

Panel Bag

Cree or Cree-Metis,

Northern Ontario or Manitoba

ca. 1850-70
Inventory # CW4314-67
Bentwood Box CW4314-173

Bentwood Box

Haudenosaunne or Kanienkehaka
Eastern Woodlands

late 18th/ early 19th century
Inventory # CW4314-173
Sash CW4314-165


Eastern Great Lakes

18th century
Inventory # CW4314-165
Shoulder Bag CW4314-169

Shoulder Bag

Eastern Woodlands

ca. 1760-80
Inventory # CW4314-169
Effigy Bowl CW4314-163

Effigy Bowl

Western Great Lakes

ca. 1840
Inventory # CW4314-163
Draw String Pouch CW4314-144

Draw String Pouch


Eastern Woodlands

late 17th/early 18th century
Inventory # CW4314-144
Shot Pouch CW4314-136

Shot Pouch

Cree or Cree-Metis

Northern Ontario or Manitoba

ca. 1830-40
Inventory # CW4314-136
Fire Bag CW4314-127

Fire Bag

Cree or Cree-Metis

Manitoba or Northwestern Ontario

ca. 1840
Inventory # CW4314-127
Pouch CW4314-126


Cree or Chipewayan

Western Great Lakes

ca. 1790-1810
Inventory # CW4314-126
Knife and Sheath CW4314-124

Knife and Sheath

Red River Cree-Metis


ca. 1830-40
Inventory # CW4314-124
Figural Pipe Bowl CW4314-111

Figural Pipe Bowl

Delaware (?)

Western Great Lakes

ca. 1800-1850
Inventory # CW4314-111

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