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Donald Ellis Gallery

Donald Ellis, the internationally pre-eminent dealer in the field of antique North American Indian art, has been servicing private collectors, corporations and museums since 1976. The gallery maintains a particular emphasis on the art of the Inuit, Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands cultures.

Complex Dance Mask

Attributed to Ikamrailnguq (One Without a Sled), Yup’ik, Village of Napaskiak, Kuskokwim River, Alaska, ca. 1890–1905

Portrait Mask of Dzila'qons

Haida, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, ca. 1820-30

Female Figure

Pre-Koniag Culture, Kodiak Island, Alaska, 500 BC - 200 AD, Uyak Lower Level

Bow Warrior Society Effigy Club

Oglala Sioux, Standing Rock, North Dakota, ca. 1860

Pair of Parfleche Envelopes

Cheyenne, Northern Plains, ca. 1890

Bayeta First Phase Chief's Blanket

Navajo, Arizona or New Mexico, ca. 1840

Hunting Coat

Montagnais-Naskapi, Quebec-Labrador, early 19th century

Ghost Dance Shirt

Arapaho, Canadian River region, Oklahoma, ca. 1890

Ledger Drawing

Attributed to William Cohoe (Tsistsistas) (1853-1924), Cheyenne, Central Plains, ca. 1875-78

War Shield

Rio Grande Pueblo, New Mexico, ca. 1840

Salmon Rattle

Nuu-chah-nulth, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, ca. 1880

Complex Dance Mask

Yup’ik, Kuskokwim River, Alaska, ca. 1880