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April 29 2018

The Remarkable Creative Intersection Between Yup’ik Masks and Surrealism

State of the Arts NYC

State of the Arts NYC states that Moon Dancers: Yupik Masks and the Surrealists ‘celebrates the fertile creative intersection between 19th and early 20th century Yup’ik masks from the central Alaskan coast, and the Surrealists’ indefatigable quest for spiritual and artistic connections with pre-modern societies all over the world.’ The presentation demonstrates ‘remarkable connections between Surrealism and Yup’ik masks in terms of stylistic innovation and an attachment to the mystical aspects of nature and notions of physical transformation,’ the author extols.

Organized jointly by Donald Ellis Gallery and Di Donna Galleries, New York, Moon Dancers showcases sixteen extraordinary and rare Yup’ik masks with paintings and sculptures by Surrealist artists including André Breton, Enrico Donati, Robert Lebel, Roberto Matta, Kay Sage, Isabelle Waldberg, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Victor Brauner, Yves Tanguy, André Masson, Wolfgang Paalen, Kurt Seligmann and Leonora Carrington. Many of the masks were once owned by Breton, Donati, Lebel, Matta, Sage, and Waldberg. 

The article also includes an interview with Donald Ellis and Emmanuel Di Donna on their collaborative exhibition.

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The Remarkable Creative Intersection Between Yup’ik Masks and Surrealism