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Panel Bag

Cree or Cree-Metis,

Northern Ontario or Manitoba

ca. 1850-70

wool, glass beads, silk ribbon, yarn tassels

Inventory # CW4314-67

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Collected by Dr, William Cowan, Factor, Chief Magistrate, and surgeon at the Red River Settlement from 1850 to 1856, when he left for Moose Factory on James Bay

Miss Cowan, Glasgow, Scotland (Cowan's sister)
William Cowan Finlay and Helen Finlay (daughter and son-in-law of Miss Cowan)
Phillips, London, England, December 4, 1999, lot 209
Donald Ellis Gallery, Dundas, Ontario
Private collection, Toronto, Ontario


Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Cat. No. 60-4586 - See: Duncan, Kate and Hail, Ruth. Out of the North: The Subarctic Collection of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology Brown University. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1989, pg. 184, pl. 47

Bentwood Box CW4314-173

Haudenosaunne or Kanienkehaka
Eastern Woodlands

late 18th/ early 19th century