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A finely carved and painted katsina doll of a maiden with squash blossom hair | Donald Ellis Gallery

Maiden Katsina


ca. 1885-1910

cottonwood, paint

height: 11"

Inventory # S4012

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Private collection, New Mexico


Haberland, Wolfgang. Kachina-Figuren der Pueblo-Indianer Nordamerikas aus der Studiensammlung Horst Antes. Karlsruhe: Badisches Landesmuseum, 1980, pg. 161, pl. 411

The present figure represents a young Hopi maiden clad in the traditional, knee-length cotton dress called a manta and a shawl draped around her shoulders. Her cheeks are painted red and her hair is tied in the iconic squash blossom style. Both are symbols of marriageability for initiated women. Masks are the most important characteristic of the katsinam and their performers. Given the subject matter of this figure, it likely exemplifies an artistic innovation in response to a growing market for Hopi carvings.