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Small graphite and coloured pencil Ledger Drawing of a Native warrior battling the US military - Donald Ellis Gallery

Ledger Drawing

anonymous artist
Goodwyn Ledger Book
Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan

ca. 1880

ink, graphite and coloured pencil on lined paper

height: 3"
width: 5 ¾"

Inventory # P4394-24


acquired by FENIX, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Goodwyn Ledger Drawings were created by several Lakota and Cheyenne warrior artists in the Wood Mountain Uplands, SK in the late 1870’s. The images directly reflect a series of violent encounters with the U.S. military in Dakota Territory which had prompted a group of approximately 5,000 Native Americans to evacuate across the border to Canada guided by Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull.


W. H. Goodwyn