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A stone tablet painted abstractly in ochre yellow, sienna brown, white and grey mica hues of natural paint | Donald Ellis Gallery

Stone Tablet

Southern Andes

ca. 900-1400 AD

stone, paint

height: 24 ⅞"
width: 21 ⅝"

Inventory # M3072-13

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Robert Morris, Santa Fe, NM


Museo National De Arqueologia, Lima, Peru - See: Arcqueologicas, Vol. 21, Museo Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia E Historia Del Peru, 1992, figs. 23, 30 and 37, for a group of ceramic plaques collected at the Chucu site, Arequipa, Peru.

See attached images from the site of recovery of these Pre-Inca stone tablets

These decorated stone tablets are similar in character to a group of ceramic plaques discovered at the mountainous Chucu site, Cerro Cupara, Chuquibama, Condesuyos/Arequipa, Peru, whose function is believed to have been a form of votive offering ensuring the safe passage of the soul to the “Other World.”