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Carved and painted wood Potlach figure in Western dress - Donald Ellis Gallery

Welcome Figure

Alert Bay, British Columbia

late 19th century

wood, paint

height: 54 ½"

Inventory # N1517


acquired by the Audain Foundation, now at the U'mista Cultural Society, Alert Bay, BC

This figure representing a chief or his speaker, can be seen in two photographs likely taken by George Hunt for Franz Boas, at the marriage potlatch of Charlie Nowell at Alert Bay, in 1900 (Royal British Columbia Museum photographs PN 1078 and PN 1079 – See: Chiefly Feasts, Jonaitis, plates 1.4 and 3.23)


Acquired approximately 25 years ago by Don Krake, Los Angeles, CA, in an antiques store in Southern California
Jim Flury, Seattle, WA 


Donald Ellis Gallery catalogue, 1997, pg. 8


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