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Beautifully carved bowl of mountain sheep horn showing bird and frog imagery - Donald Ellis Gallery

Horn Bowl

Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

ca. 1840-60

mountain sheep horn

height: 4 ½"
width: 6"

Inventory # N1896



Reportedly collected by Napoleon Le Moyne, a missionary (d. 1908)
Pierre Scott, Calumet Island, ON
Mira Scott, Hilton Head, SC


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The Burke Museum, Seattle, WA, No. 1-3003 - See: Spirit and Ancestor, Holm, University of Washington Press, 1987, pl. 60 (a bowl by the same artist)

Box of Daylight, Holm, University of WA Press, 1984, pl. 123 (a bowl by the same artist)

Seattle Art Museum, No. 85.356 - See: Brown, The Spirit Within, Rizzoli, New York, 1995, pl. 44 (a ladle by the same artist)

Other examples of work by the hand of this recognised but unidentified master carver can be seen in the Hauberg Collection at the Seattle Art Museum (see: Brown 1995, pl. 44) and at the Burke Museum, University of Washington (see: Holm 1987, pl. 60).

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