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Clan Headdress

Kaigani Haida
Southern Alaska

ca. 1840

wood, paint
width: 12" 

Inventory # CN4313-149


restoration to most of left ear and top quarter right ear 
minor repair to tip of nose

Made in the style of 18th century war helmets seen among the neighbouring Tlingit, this rare Haida clan headdress was used to ceremonially display the inherited crest of a family, in this instance most likely a sea bear (See attached essay by Steven C. Brown)


Reportedly acquired by Julie Duke during the 1920's, then by descen to her son John Cribbs
On loan to Taylor Museum, Colorado Springs, CO, 1980-1998
Donald Ellis Gallery, Dundas, ON
Private collection, Toronto, ON


Donald Ellis Gallery catalogue, Toronto, 1999, pg. 21

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Articulated Salmon N3661

Tsimshian (?)

Northern British Columbia

late 19th century

Chilkat Tlingit
Southeast Alaska

ca. 1840