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A magnificent silver bracelet by Charles Edenshaw incised with Haida crest designs | Donald Ellis Gallery
Side view of an extraordinary carved silver bracelet by Charles Edenshaw | Donald Ellis Gallery


Charles Edenshaw (Tahayghen or Da.a xiigang, 1839-1920)
Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

ca. 1890-1910


width: 1 ⅜"

Inventory # CN4246


donated to the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC


Descended through the family of Chief Shakes, Wrangell, AK.
The oral tradition is that Edenshaw gifted this bracelet to Chief Shakes in the 19th century and it remained with descendants of his daughter for over a century:
Anisalaga (Mary Ebbetts Hunt), daugther of Chief Shakes, Tongas, AK
Jane Charity Hunt
Frances Elizabeth Cadwallader, Delta, BC
Sharla Pelosse

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