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Superbly carved bentwood bowl with dark glossy patina and opercula shell inlay - Donald Ellis Gallery
Short side of an exceptional bentwood bowl carved with an abstract human figure - Donald Ellis Gallery

Bent Bowl

Southeast Alaska

ca. 1820–40

wood, opercula shells

width: 11 ½"

Inventory # N3885


acquired by the Elspeth McConnell Collection, now at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC


Collected by the Reverend Thomas Crosby
Museum of the American Indian, cat. no. 1/8081
The Raymond Wielgus Collection, Chicago, IL
Allan Frumkin, Chicago, IL, 1961
The Allen and Sally Wardwell Collection, New York, NY


Museum of Primitive Art, New York, “The Raymond Wielgus Collection”, 1960
Art Institute of Chicago, “Yakutat South: Indian Art of the Northwest Coast”, March 13 to April 26, 1964, Baruch College, New York, “The Indian Space Painters”, 1991


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