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Elegant prehistoric maskette carved from marine mammal ivory | Donald Ellis Gallery
Profile view of a refined ivory maskette with central cheek marks | Donald Ellis Gallery
Profile of a rare ivory maskette showing a small fracture of the right side | Donald Ellis Gallery


late Okvik or early Punuk
Bering Sea, Alaska

100 - 600 AD

marine mammal ivory

height: 2 ⅜"

Inventory # E4386

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Private collection Paris, France


Richard Margolis Collection, New York, NY

University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks - See: Rainey, Froelich. Eskimo Prehistory: The Okvik Site on the Punuk Islands. Anthropological Papers of the Museum of Natural History, Volume XXXVIII, Part IV. New York: Museum of Natural History, 1941, pg. 526-527, fig. 29, no. 4 for a drawing of a similar ivory maskette collected at the Okvik Site, Punuk Islands

Wardwell, Allen. Ancient Eskimo Ivories of the Bering Strait. New York: Hudson Hills, 1986, pg. 99, pl. 119, for an ivory head identified as Punuk