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Grease Bowl

Prince William Sound, Alaska

late 18th/early19th century

wood, blue and white glass beads, shell inlay

width: 7 ¼"
depth: 13 ¼"

Inventory # CE1656



Mrs. Henry D. Barrow Collection
The Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, New York, 21/1597
Exchanged to Morton D. May, March 15, 1967
George Terasaki, New York, NY
Francesco Pellizzi, New York, NY 


One of only a handful extant, this example most closely relates to a bowl collected by Cook on his third expedition to America, now in the British Museum - See: Artificial Curiosities From The Northwest Coast of North America, King, British Museum, 1981, pls. 7 and 8 and color pl. 2

National Museum of Finland, VK 69, 70 - See: The Etholen Collection, Vajol, National Board of Antiquities, 1990, nos. 76, 77

Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Inv. Nr. IV A 6206 - See: Native American Art: The Collections of the Ethnological Museum, Bolz and Sanner, G & H Verlag, 1999, fig. 199