Ceremonial Club

Vancouver Island, BC
18th century or earlier
length: 13 ¼˝




Collected by Captain James Cook at Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound, on his Third Voyage to the Pacific, 1776–1780

Sir Ashton Lever, Leverian Museum, Leicester Square, London, England, 1780–1786

Dr. James Parkinson, London, England, 1786–1806

Leverian Museum Collection auction, July 8, 1806

Richard Hall Clarke Esq., Bridwell, Uffculme, NorthDevon, England, then by descent, 1806–1967

Bearnes Sales Rooms, Torquay, Devon, England, December 12, 1967

J.J. Klejman, New York, NY, 1967

S.K. Bennet, Washington, DC, 1968–2006

George Terasaki, New York, NY


The Sarah Stone Watercolour Sketchbook, Vol II, 1783, Bishop Museum Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii

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cat. no. GBR/0012/MS Add.6309)

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